Lego-Style Living

July29, 2013 by Jeff in Uncategorized

Watch the video here


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take up as little space as possible? I don’t mean that you wouldn’t exist or you’d become insignificant to others.  Nor am I encouraging people to cut back from their normal lives.


I am referring to people who waste-not and want-not.  People who use their resources as efficiently as possible.  People like Christian. His 24 square-meters lego-style house is full of surprises.  He thought about what he needed in a home, not what he wanted.


There are a few things to take out of this video.  Thanks to the revolutionary style of this efficient apartment, I have a new appreciation for simplistic living.  I am re-thinking my lifestyle because I know there are areas where I over-complicate my life.


Christian’s video does not make its viewers ashamed of their lifestyles.  Yes, I am sure I over-consume at times; but this video takes an optimistic approach.  It highlights the positive aspects of Christian’s design rather than the negative aspects of other apartments.

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