IKEA Powers Up with Solar in PA

August8, 2012 by Shannalee in Solar Living

IKEA logoHome goods giant IKEA just added three new solar energy systems to its Pennsylvania operations—two at its Philadelphia-area stores and another atop its U.S. Service Office in Conshohocken. Combined with its other solar projects, this brings IKEA solar projects up to 29 in the United States alone. What’s more, the company is currently working on 10 more additions. When all is said and done, IKEA should have a solar presence of nearly 89% and be able to generate 38 megawatts.

“This solar installation is another example of how we build on our ongoing sustainability commitment,” said Kevin Bohon, store manager of the IKEA store in Conshohocken. Likewise, Lisa Christensen, store manager in South Philadelphia, added that “A solar energy system atop the store reduces our carbon footprint and improves what we do today for a better tomorrow.”

The new solar projects in the Philadelphia area total 286,300 square feet and on their own will produce as much as 2.21 megawatts of power. They’re built with 9,198 panels, designed and installed by Gehrlicher Solar America Corp., which IKEA contracted with for the projects.

According to a company press release Tuesday, IKEA’s sustainable drives in America currently include initiatives such as “recycling waste material; incorporating environmental measures into the construction of buildings in terms of energy-efficient HVAC and lighting systems, recycled construction materials, skylights in warehouse areas, and water conserving restrooms; and operationally, eliminating plastic bags from the check-out process, phasing out the sale of incandescent light bulbs and facilitating recycling of customers’ compact fluorescent bulbs. IKEA also has installed electric vehicle charging stations at nine stores in the Western U.S.”

To learn more about IKEA and its solar efforts, visit IKEA.com.

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