Solar Power Hot in Massachusetts

June11, 2012 by Shannalee in Solar Living

solarize massachusettsSolar energy pushes in Massachusetts, along with Governor Patrick’s publicly announced goal of 250 megawatts of solar power by 2017, seem to be working, at least if solar panel installations have anything to say about it. The state’s photovoltaic panels continue to increase both on Cape Cod and throughout the rest of the Bay State—currently with a capacity of 115 megawatts or enough to power 115,000 homes.

“In general, we have certainly seen a boom in the field of solar energy,” said Massachusetts Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs Richard K. Sullivan Jr. recently.

As panels continue to grow in popularity, the state’s Solarize Massachusetts program, an initiative aimed at encouraging more small-scale solar panels to be added within communities, is pushing the trend even further. In its committment to continuing this trend, Solarize Massachusetts has recently increased its group-purchasing plan to help 17 communities add solar installations.

“We weren’t the first state to deploy the solarize model,” said Elizabeth Kennedy, spokeswoman for the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center. “But I do think we’re the first to scale it up to work with 17 communities at once.”

Whether or not these developments mean the state will reach the governor’s 2017 goal or not is hard to say, but officials are optimistic.

“By combining education and grassroots marketing with tiered pricing of solar PV Solarize Mass was able to help 162 residents go solar in 2011,” said MassCEC Chief Executive Officer Patrick Cloney. “By extending this program to 17 communities, we are confident that we can help more people in the Commonwealth use solar energy to help manage their energy costs and create a cleaner energy future.”

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