3 Ways to Recycle Electronics

June6, 2012 by Shannalee in Solar Living

recycling electronicsIn today’s world of rapidly changing technologies, where new versions of smartphones and laptops and PDAs seem to come out faster than you can even notice them, it’s more important than ever to know how to recycle electronics.

Rather than clogging up landfills and contributing more waste to the planet, here are three ways to recycle electronics while reaping other benefits!

1. SELL FOR REUSE (+recycle +financial benefits)
Selling your unwanted electronic devices is more than a way to recycle—it’s a way to recoup some of your original costs! Listing your item on sites like Amazon or eBay is as easy as writing a description, uploading photos and letting buyers bid.

2. TRADE IT IN (+recycle +financial benefits)
It’s true that buy-back or trade-in programs won’t offer the same level of financial benefit that resale can, but what they lack in big bucks they make up for in time. Trading in a device is fast and easy, with no need to track sales or respond to buyer inquiries. Options for trade-ins include eBay instant, Gazelle, Nextworth, BuyBackWorld and BuyMyTronics, as well as programs from Best Buy or RadioShack—giving you a way to turn in your used laptops, cameras and other products for upfront cash.

3. DONATE IT (+recycle +charitable benefits)
As the saying goes, ’tis better to give than to receive, and by giving your used electronics away, you put the adage into practice by providing something for someone who needs it. Places that accept electronics donations include Goodwill (through a partnership with Dell), Komputers for Kids and eBay Giving Works.

When it comes time to upgrade your iPhone or your computer or your other electronic device, consider giving back to the planet and recycling!

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