Solar-Powered Street Lights in Canada

May2, 2012 by Shannalee in Solar Living

Canada’s science superstore, EfstonScience, has recently launched a new division, Enlighten Solar and Hybrid Lighting Systems—-one that specializes in solar-powered street lights. And now, after more than four years of testing various systems and designs, EfstonScience has a solar high-efficiency LED lighting system that combines with Clear Blue Technologies’ to offer real-time management, monitoring and troubleshooting as well as solar power.

“We have redesigned the overall look of the light arm and panel mount for aesthetics as well as maximum sun exposure and we have tested several wind turbines and now we have the ideal combination of hybrid power and looks that we have been striving for,” said Irene Efston, owner of EfstonScience and Enlighten Hybrid Powered Lighting Systems, in a recent press release.

The Enlighten Hybrid Lighting Systems can generate enough power to maintain light standards from dusk till dawn, using a fraction of the energy typically required. Already being used in the King Township, the city of Toronto and Ontario’s Centennial College, the systems are made of one or two solar panels and come with an Internet connection on every pole, making it possible to track performance, manage problems and oversee the systems from anywhere in the world.

Potential future applications include business complexes, shopping centers, academic institutions, public parks, city roadways and more. The solar lights are also available for areas that are larger, requiring more light, through a two-panel, dual-LED model or other custom solutions.

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