Eco-Friendly Summer Camping Tips

May30, 2012 by Shannalee in Solar Living

CampingSummer is the season of camping, and now that June is approaching, there will be more and more opportunities to get out and enjoy the great outdoors! Are you ready?

When you go camping this season, here are a few eco-friendly tips for making the experience more sustainable!

1. Practice Safe Fires
What’s a camping trip without a fire? When you’re making your fire, don’t burn materials that will harm the environment such as plastic, metals or woods treated with chemicals. And if you’re using an outdoor grill, be sure to dump the ashes into your fire pit or discard of them in the campsite’s designated areas.

2. Bring Solar-Powered Accessories with You.
Did you know they make solar-powered camp stoves and solar-powered radio flashlights? Why bring the typical camping tools when you can use eco-friendly ones?

3. Pack BPA-Free Water Bottles
It’s always important to stay hydrated, but especially when you’re out camping in the great outdoors. Bring a BPA-free water bottle for each person. If there’s a nearby reliable water source, you can refill there; but if not, you could bring a portable water purification system along.

4. Borrow Supplies
Rather than wasting your money and other resources on camping supplies, see what you can borrow from friends. From sleeping bags to tents, you might be surprised what items your friends let you use.

5. Clean Up When You’re Done
When you’re done camping, clean up all your stuff, honor the land you were staying on, and leave no trace behind you. Unused kitchen items can be composted, and other objects can be disposed of in designated areas.

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