Samsung to Launch Solar Laptops in Bangladesh

May22, 2012 by Shannalee in Solar Living

samsung There’s big news in the world of solar happening in Bangladesh, where South Korean electronics giant Samsung is set to launch new, solar-powered laptops this summer. Targeted to young, 20-something professionals with long commutes, these affordably priced ($415) 3G devices could be the beginning of a whole new generation of technology for the country. The devices are designed to provide long-term Internet access even in remote areas that have traditionally been without utility power.

“We will launch solar notebooks in June for young professionals,” said Choon Soo Moon, managing director of Samsung Electronics (Bangladesh operations), in an interview with Dhaka’s Daily Star. “In the beginning, we are not targeting big, rather focusing on creating demand for the products through promotional campaigns.”

While globally, Samsung is better known for high-end models of TVs, refrigerators and smartphones, in Bangladesh, it focuses most on basic products like cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors, direct-cooling refrigerators and affordable handsets, the latter of which it holds 10 percent of the market share. Still though, in Bangladesh, it is ranked #1 for smartphones as well. Samsung hopes to find that this country, which is known not just for its nagging power crisis but also its long sunlight hours, will respond positively to the new laptops.

“It is a unique product and we will be the first company to launch it in Bangladesh,” said Moon.

Nonetheless, Samsung plans to focus most on product awareness, at least in the beginning, and hopes to see just around 500 of the solar laptops purchased each month.

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