DIY Solar Panel Plugins

May15, 2012 by Shannalee in Solar Living

DIY Solar Plugin PanelsFor many homeowners in various parts of the country, the idea of solar panels feels like a dream—something outside of their current capabilities. If that’s been you, then you’ll be glad to hear about the latest development in solar: DIY solar panel plugins.

Developed by a company called SpinRay Energy, specialists in solar photovoltaic panels, these plugins are perfect for adding solar power to an existing outdoor deck. Customers may install panels one at a time and up to five panels, which can be plugged into an outdoor power outlet. With five panels, a total of 1,000 watts of energy can be produced.

The plugins, available through a few online retailers that include Amazon, boast UL safety certification and the ability to qualify users for a renewable energy 30% federal tax credit. They come with the same type of warranties offered by other commercial companies, for both the panel and the microinverter. Plus, as a protective measure, the panels will stop generating current when there’s a loss of grid power.

The president of SpinRay Energy, Arthur Chew, has five plugins installed to his own deck at home, and he’s had no problems with them. Still, he says, they are not exactly the same as professional installations and use relatively new technology.

“Our plug-and-play systems are not a replacement for a rooftop solar system,” Chew says. “They should be considered a stepping stone for those interested in being green and to learn the benefits of solar.”

The plugin panels are currently available for $999.00 each. For more information, see their Amazon listing here.

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