Portland’s New Solar-Powered Pay Stations

May14, 2012 by Shannalee in Solar Living

Solar Parking Station PortlandWhen it comes to solar power, Portland, Oregon, is one of the premiere cities putting itself on the map. Not only is this northwestern town known for its focus on clean and green energy in general, but it also has made recent headlines with its solar-powered toilets and now, its solar-powered parking pay stations.

“The purpose of doing this is to improve the customer experience and customer satisfaction,” said Portland parking manager John Peverada.

In the city’s pilot program, Portland is receiving 18 parking stations powered by solar energy, each serving about 10 parking spaces—and if the new stations prove popular via unsolicited feedback, the city may add more. Drivers can pay via credit or debit cards ($1 minimum), with Portland’s traditional parking rates of 25 cents for 15 minutes and a maximum parking time of two hours. Coins will also be accepted.

In total, Portland is paying $175,000 to purchase and install these machines and their signs, as well as handle regular upkeep. The new stations will be located on portions of Commercial, Fore, Federal and Free streets and in the West End near Maine Medical Center. They are expected to go live on May 21, reports say.

The meters come from Cale Parking Systems USA, the business behind similar meters that have already been installed in cities such as Concord, Manchester and Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Baltimore; Minneapolis; and Indianapolis.

(Image source: PressHerald.com)

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