5 Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts

May9, 2012 by Shannalee in Solar Living

green mother's day

It’s almost Mother’s Day—do you know what you’re giving the special mothers in your life? Why not set the bar a little higher this year with an eco-friendly gift that’s not only fun but also good to the environment!

Here are some of our favorite ideas for eco-friendly Mother’s Day gifts on Sunday!

1. Flowers
What’s more traditional than fresh flowers? Instead of giving your mom a cut bouquet that lasts a week or so, consider buying her a beautiful potted plant instead, one that will last for months to come!

2. Jewelry
Jewelry is a classic female gift, but rather than purchasing the typical beads and chains, hunt for items from from recycled materials like glass, silver, etc. Likewise, handmade earrings and necklaces from artisans in your area are a special gift.

3. Chocolate
Show your mother just how sweet she is through the gift of sustainable chocolate. Look for brands with a Fair Trade label at the store, or visit one of these sources online: Theo, Kopali Organics or Divine Chocolate.

4. Heartfelt Note
You may be surprised how much a letter can mean, especially to a woman who’s invested her life in you. Take the time to jot down the things you’re most thankful for about your mom and be prepared to see her smile.

5. Service
Here’s a gift any mother would love: treat her to the luxury of being served. Make her breakfast, clean her house with earth-friendly products, do whatever you know she would appreciate and that would make her life easier. Not only is this a meaningful, low-cost gift, but it also will mean no waste (from gifts she doesn’t use) and thus, no damage to the environment.

We hope these five ideas have got your creative juices flowing! Whatever you do for the moms in your life this year, make sure it’s filled with thought and love—both for those special women and for the earth we all live on together!

Happy Mother’s Day from Soluxe Solar!

(Image source: OliveandMyrtle.com)

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