The LogiTech Solar-Powered iPad Case

May4, 2012 by Shannalee in Solar Living

logitech iPad case

Best Buy recently let the cat out of the bag on LogiTech’s upcoming solar-powered iPad case. Possibly prematurely, the techie superstore posted the eco product on its site, listing it with a pricetag of $129.99 and adding a “coming soon” label, leading to ripple effects throughout the Web.

Tech blogs and sites have been weighing in with commentary on the case’s “stiff keyboard” (The Verge) that “charges in ‘direct light’ and features 121 keys, with dedicated Internet and multimedia keys” (Mashable). It is only the keyboard that will be powered by the Sun, not the iPad itself; and for that matter, it’s only the new iPad that’s listed in the Best Buy product description, not the iPad 1 or iPad 2. The case weighs just under a pound and connects to the iPad via BlueTooth.

Made by Logitech, the case comes from the same company that recently launched the UltraThin keyboard cover, dubbed “well made, comfortable to type on, and – arguably most important for many iPad owners – [matching] Apple’s style rather than clashing with it,” according to SlashGear.

The solar-powered case from LogicTech has been rumored, but there was nothing concrete until now.

“Best Buy may simply have jumped the gun a little,” writes Adi Robertson of The Verge, “but this means we might also be seeing some tweaks to the keyboard before it’s released.”

What tweaks will come before the official release by LogiTech? It may be too soon to tell. One thing is for sure, though: people are talking about it.

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