Butler University’s First Green Roof

May3, 2012 by Shannalee in Solar Living
sarah strobl

Butler University's Sarah Strobl

Indiana’s Butler University recently added the college’s first-ever green roof—a 1,300-square-foot installation that now sits atop the school’s four-story College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences building. The roof was completed at the end of March by Eco-Roofs, maker of environmentally friendly green roofing systems. Installed entirely by volunteers that included university students, faculty and staff, the project was led by Eco-Roof’s Pat Maloney.

“The green roof may double, even triple the life of the roofing membrane,” said Pat Maloney, Midwest representative and accredited Green Roof Professional and project coordinator for Eco-Roofs, in a press release. She added the roof “also provides insulation to help reduce heating and cooling costs.”

Before Maloney and the Eco-Roof team could begin their work, the idea was originally instigated by Butler student Sarah Strobl, who researched eco roofs as part of her honors thesis. Strobl was also the one to secure about $25,000 in funding from Butler’s Student Government Association so it could be completed before she graduated with a biology degree.

“It’s awesome,” Strobl said of the completed project. “I’m amazed how green it is already, and it’s going to brighten up with color.”

To revolutionize the roof, Eco-Roofs hoisted 650 trays of soil and sedum from the building parking lot to the rooftop, and the volunteers laid the trays, eventually covering a 90 by 15 foot spread. With these changes, the roof should last longer as it is protected from the sun; enjoy better insulation, reducing heating and cooling costs; and improve local plant and animal life as it attracts bugs, birds and other creatures that can be studied by the school’s science students.

To learn more about the roof, take a look at Butler’s announcement or visit Eco-Roofs.com.

(Image source: Indiana Living Green)

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