5 Sustainable Ideas to Update Your Kitchen

April27, 2012 by Shannalee in Uncategorized

eco kitchen renovations

No matter what your decorating style, there’s one kind of kitchen renovation we can all get behind: eco-friendly remodeling does more than make a kitchen look cool—it uses up otherwise wasted materials and may even save costs over the long haul.

Here are our five top eco-friendly kitchen renovations to get started!

1. Green Countertops

When we say green countertops, we don’t mean the color. We’re talking sustainability. Eco-friendly countertops from Durcon (TM) are made from a proprietary blend of post-consumer recycled glass and other materials. Plus, they’ve been voted a top product by HGTV, the Great Big Texas Home Show and other DIY networks.

2. Cork Kitchen Floor

Made from bark that’s peeled off of a tree and allowed to grow back, cork floors are a sustainable option that come in various styles and colors. Other eco-friendly kitchen floors include Marmoleum or bamboo.

3. Energy Star Appliances

When it comes to eco-friendly appliances, the decision’s a no-brainer: Energy Star ratings reveal whether or not an appliance has passed an energy-efficiency test, so opting for those means taking a step in a green direction.

4. Solar Lighting

Swap out your lightbulbs with LED replacements and you automatically make your kitchen more eco-friendly.

5. Recycle the Old

Just as important as what you add when renovating your kitchen is what you take away. Don’t just trash your old floors or countertops, but instead find a way to recycle them. Advertise materials that can be reused and placed in a new home, or find recycling centers that will repurpose your materials into other uses.

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