Earth Day 2012 Deals

April17, 2012 by Shannalee in Solar Living

There are more than citywide festivals happening this April 22. In honor of Earth Day, several stores and organizations are offering exciting, cost-savings promotions—from free reusable bags to 20% discounts and more. Check out some of the hottest green shopping deals below!

1. Target: Not only is Target giving away $1.5M in reusable bags to customers on April 22, but the retail giant has also launched a temporary website at, providing $50 in savings on sustainable products, as well as partnering with Recycle Bank to reward individuals for making earth-friendly choices.

2. Chipotle: Purchase one of Chipotle’s limited edition reusable bags before Earth Day 2012, and you get a free burrito April 22!

3. Barnes and Noble: 20% off your purchases at B&N on April 22!

4. National Parks: Commune with nature on the day that celebrates it–at no cost to you! The National Park Service and National Park Foundation are offering free admission at all 397 of the nation’s major parks during the entire week of April 21-29.

5. Groupon: In honor of Earth Day 2012, Groupon is launching new eco initiatives: GrassRoots and a partnership with Edward Norton’s CrowdRise. As of April 16, you can take the Groupon Challenge by visiting CrowdRise and donating to a cause of your choice. Learn more at

7. Starbucks: Bring in your own mug on April 22 and participating Starbucks will reward you with a free brewed coffee or tea.

8. Origins: Simply bring in this filled-out form with your current skincare to Origins, and the skin care company will trade you a full-size version of their Origins cleanser.

(Image source: Plover Organic)

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