Artist Damien Hirst Plans 500 Sustainable Homes

February20, 2012 by Shannalee in Solar Living

damien hirstOne of the world’s wealthiest living artists, Damien Hirst, announced plans recently to develop 500 new sustainable homes in Britain. Filled with green touches like hidden rooftop wind turbines, solar panels and state-of-the-art insulation, these homes will be designed to set the standard for eco development in England.

“[Hirst] wants these buildings to be landmarks that will stand the test of time and create a blueprint for quality, environmentally sustainable developments across the country,” said architect Mike Rundell, representative for Hirst at a planning meeting.

Hirst plans for the project to take place in his “adopted hometown” of Ilfracombe in North Devon, says Inhabitat. Once a popular tourist destination, Ilfracombe would greatly benefit from the revitalization of such a project, particularly amongst the investment-attracting efforts of other developments that include new homes, a primary school and more. Of the land included in his proposal, Hirst owns 40%, including Winsham Farm, which he purchased 10 years ago. Other areas include nearby Channel Farm and Bowden Farm.

Rundell told officials, “As you know, [Hirst] is a very successful artist and has very high ambitions for this project. He has a horror of building anonymous, lifeless buildings. He wants these houses to be the kind of homes he would want to live in.”

Beyond sustainable features, Hirst wants the homes to be in keeping with local design elements such as pitched roofs and bay windows, as well as to “be practical, make the most of natural light, be big enough to live in well and boast spectacular views.”

If all goes well with applications this summer, the eco-homes project could begin as early as 2013.

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