Tesla’s Battery Powered Model X is Eco-Friendly

February15, 2012 by Shannalee in Solar Living

tesla model X California-based auto maker Tesla is “making environmental purchases sexy,” says Krystal Peak of VatorNews in response to the car company’s recent unveiling of details on the new battery-powered SUV Model X.

“We’ve created a car that has more functionality than a minivan, more style than an SUV and more performance than a Porsche 911 Carrera,” said Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

A sleek and stylish family-sized electric vehicle with “Back to the Future”-style falcon-wing doors that raise up instead of out to the side, the Model X is indeed something special. And among other things, it demonstrates the eco-friendly efforts made by Tesla, the auto maker that already received a $465 million federal loan in June 2009 to make electric cars at a California plant previously used by Toyota and General Motors Corp.

    Features of the vehicle, which is set to come out in 2014, include the following:

  • Designed to travel 270 miles on a charge
  • Both 60 kwH or 85 kwH battery options
  • Seats seven
  • Both rear- and four-wheel drive options
  • Second-row seats that slide all the way forward
  • faster than Porsche AG’s 911 sports car

Like Tesla’s Model S sedan, which has already 8,000 reservations, the Model X will qualify owners for a $7,500 federal tax credit available for electric vehicles. Set to release in 2014, the Model X is available for reservations now. It is expected to have a starting price of around $50,000, but which can raise as high as $100,000.

According to John Gartner, a research director at Pike Research, “As the first electrified models in the SUV/crossover category, the Tesla Model X along with the C-Max Energi have a chance to win over customers who, while generally not being as attuned to the environmental benefits of EVs, are also less price sensitive. The potential savings on fuel will be much greater for this larger class of vehicles than for compacts and is likely to provide a faster payback on its premium price. The successful launch of the Model X will validate the EVs as a technology and could accelerate the overall demand.”

To learn more about the Tesla Model X, see TeslaMotors.com/ModelX.

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