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January11, 2012 by Jeff in Soluxe News

Welcome to Soluxe Solar’s blog.  We’re pleased to help you with your transition to solar energy; we’ve helped thousands of people take charge of their energy costs over the past eleven years.  The way we see it, there’s no reason not to go solar.  PV has gone far beyond being a green option for people who are looking to live completely off the grid by giving up all luxury for a sustainable lifestyle.  Technology has advanced and price of photovoltaics has come down so significantly that it’s not an emotional decision, but a financial one.  In fact, there is no reason to NOT go solar; your money can make you more in the form of solar (at a 10% higher yield) than leaving money in the bank.  Not too shabby.  We’ll show you how we came up with that number in a future post.  We promise we didn’t just make it up!

So why did we choose to call our blog Up on the Roof?  Well, we think the roof is the final frontier in home improvement.  People are quick to redo a kitchen for shiny new granite countertops, but, quite frankly, that doesn’t add any real value to the home.  We don’t care too much about what roofs looks like.  We only fix our roof when we have to.  But there it is, basking in the sunshine, unused but for birds and weather vanes.  So we’re taking it back.  Making the roof a beautiful, functional and valuable part of the home.  


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